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 Ukraine / Ukraininan SSR

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Ukraine / Ukraininan SSR Empty
PostSubject: Ukraine / Ukraininan SSR   Ukraine / Ukraininan SSR EmptyWed Mar 26, 2008 1:50 pm

Technological focus: Armor
Special Unit: Kharkov Tank

Boni & Drawbacks

Veteran vehicles: T-55
Vehicle armor: 125%
Vehicle speed: 125%


Ukraine retained its affiliation with the Soviet side from Great World War II, though released into semi-independence after the Soviet defeat. The nation is operated wholly as a front for the Soviet Union, a testing ground where the Soviets could develop heavy tank technology under the pretense of following the limitations as outlined by the Peace Treaty.

The ukrainian industrial town of Kharkov is the development and production site and namesake for the Soviet's heaviest tank, the Kharkov Tank.
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Ukraine / Ukraininan SSR
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