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 Cuba / Cuban SSR

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Cuba / Cuban SSR Empty
PostSubject: Cuba / Cuban SSR   Cuba / Cuban SSR EmptyWed Mar 26, 2008 1:57 pm

Technological focus: Flame weaponry
Special Unit: Flame Tank

Boni & Drawbacks

Veteran infantry: Flamethrower
Vehicles gain self-heal from Service Pad


The Socialist Republic of Cuba was the latest nation to join the Soviet cause before the events of The Third Power, after the revolution of 1959. In line with soviet advancements in unconventional warfare, the Cubans have specialized in napalm-based warfare. In multiplayer, they can build the Flame Tank, a tank that is, like most soviet weapons, impressively effective against infantry and can set wooden structures ablaze, but is notoriously ineffective against heavy armor or fortified structures. When destroyed, the tank explodes violently.
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Cuba / Cuban SSR
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