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 China / PR China

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PostSubject: China / PR China   China / PR China EmptyWed Mar 26, 2008 2:15 pm

Technological focus: Electronic warfare
Special Unit: Emperor Tank, Overlord Tank

Boni & Drawbacks

Infantry cost: 50%
Airspeed: 150%
No BuildLimit on Cloning Vats.
Stronger Walls (Great Wall).
Veteran infantry: Hacker
Veteran vehicles: Emperor Tank, Centurion Siege Crawler
Veteran aircraft: Mig

Vehicle armor: 50%
Aircraft cost: 150%
Cannot build Industrial Plants.
Weaker Iron Curtain (Bamboo Curtain).
Cannot build heavy tanks (Kharkov Tank, Stalin's Fist).

Note that there is an intense and ongoing dispute about wether China is a communist or republican nation in Red Alert and Red alert 2 as the result of events different from the timeline we experience. Well, I'm not going to elaborate on this discussion here, because there are multiple other forums where it is hottly discussed, but until evidence is produced to deny it, China will, though I am myself not sure wether it is correct, be a Soviet nation. One should also note that the events of The Third Power could be interpreted as forcing China to align itself with the Soviet Union over the course of the Third Campaign, because the Soviet Union is the only power bordering China to support it against the invasion of supernatural undead Japanese vampire nazis from hell... or something along that line...

The Chinese have been engaging on two different fields that were of service to the Soviet cause: while one of their technologies was perfectly incorporated into the Soviet doctrine of using unconventional warfare to maintain the pretense of obeying the Peace Treaty, the other was a serious breach of the treaty, but nonetheless an opportunity the Soviets could not let slip. The two technologies were:

  • Hacking technology, enabling Soviet commanders to train Hackers that could disable enemy vehicles and buildings. When playing the Chinese in multiplayer, their special unit is the Emperor Tank, which can take control over any enemy unit or building which is not operated by a human crew or has extensive computer systems (this applies to robotic units such as drones, guided missiles and several base defenses and superweapon structures).
  • Robotic technology - Chinese robotic technology culminated in the development of the vast Centurion Siege Crawler, a huge walker armed with a heavy artillery cannon. With the help of Soviet Engineers, the a prototype was completed, and the robot soon entered production, but the cost for its production are so extensive that any commander may only control one Centurion at a time. The Chinese Centurion had an optional AA defense gun available. The Soviets also conducted several changes to the original design, such as mounting a cannon with smaller caliber, but firing nuclear shells, or later arming their Centurions with railguns that had a much smaller caliber than the 100mm limit imposed by the treaty, but would do significantly more damage.
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China / PR China
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