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PostSubject: Hacker____   Hacker____ EmptyWed Mar 26, 2008 3:48 pm

Classification: Electronic warfare specialist
Effective VS: Buildings, high-tech vehicles, drones, aircraft
Ineffective VS: Infantry, low-tech vehicles
Armor: none
Armament: Laptop
Produced by: Barracks
Requires: Barracks, Battle Lab
Cost: 625$

The Hacker is a specialist infantry unit employed by the Soviets. He carries a laptop and must deploy in order to use it. The Hacker will hack into enemy vehicles or robotic base defenses and disable them. The target remains disabled until the Hacker is either killed or assigned to another target, in which case the target will quickly regain its mobility and/or firepower. The Hacker is an unarmored civilian, no regular infantry unit, therefore he should be kept away from direct engagements and always guarded by other units.

Electronic attack +1
Learned when promote to Elite. Gain ability to control target unit, if it is a drone.

Electronic attack +2
Learned when promote to Elite 2. Gain ability to control target building.

Learned when promoted to +3. Cannot be target of guided missile weapons.
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