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 Electronic Warfare Tower_

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Electronic Warfare Tower_ Empty
PostSubject: Electronic Warfare Tower_   Electronic Warfare Tower_ EmptySat Mar 29, 2008 1:26 pm

Classification: Electronic warfare base defense
Effective VS: High-level vehicles, drones, aircraft, missiles
Ineffective VS: Low-level vehicles, infantry
Armament: Electronic attack
Armor: Concrete
Produced by: Construction Yard
Requires: Radar, Battle Lab
Cost: 900$
Special: Can detect cloaked enemy units, Electronic support

The ECM Tower is a small tower with bunkered equipment needed to send and receive transmissions. It is crewed by Hackers. The ECM Tower can scan for cloaked enemies in the vicinity and hack into approaching enemy vehicles to gain control over them. With all upgrades in place, the Electronic Warfare Tower can perform the same functions as the Electronic Warfare Center, albeit on a smaller scale.

Electronic support
The ECM Tower can link up with other ECM Towers within a certain radius. If enough ECM Towers are constructed around a base, the entire base will be spanned by an effective ECM network. Linked towers increase the time their pulses disable enemy vehicles.

Electronic support +1
An Electronic Warfare Tower with this upgrade gains the ability to obtain information on enemy objectives by hacking into the enemy command channels. If any enemy unit receives an attack command to a player-owned unit or building within the zone covered by the Electronic Warfare Tower, that command will be revealed to the owning player.

Electronic attack
ECM Towers have several methods of attacking enemy electronic equipment. The most famed of these is the EM Pulse weapon: low-level Towers use a powerful electromagnetic pulse to disable enemy vehicles for a certain amount of time. The duration and radius of the pulse's effect is increased when multiple ECM Towers work in concert.

Electronic attack +1

Obtained upon reaching Elite status.

This adds the a secondary attack to the ECM Tower's arsenal, which allows to not only disable, but hack into, the computer systems of targets. When a fully computerized unit (a Drone) is targeted, it will be hacked and taken over to serve the Soviet cause. Hacked drones can be controlled by the hacking player as if they were his own units.

Electronic attack +2

Obtained upon reaching +3 status.

This allows the ECM Tower to control multiple Drones at a time.

Electronic protection
ECM Towers are almost immune to guided missiles of all kinds. By jamming missile guidance systems, they prevent any guided missile-based weapon system from targeting them.
They also jam Radar within a small radius around them, protecting friendly units around them.
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Electronic Warfare Tower_
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