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 Lift Helicopter (either Mi-10 or Mi-12)

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Lift Helicopter (either Mi-10 or Mi-12) Empty
PostSubject: Lift Helicopter (either Mi-10 or Mi-12)   Lift Helicopter (either Mi-10 or Mi-12) EmptySun Mar 30, 2008 4:35 am

Lift Helicopter (either Mi-10 or Mi-12) Harkic10Lift Helicopter (either Mi-10 or Mi-12) Harkic11
Mi-10 "Harke"

Classification: Transport helicopter / aerial crane
Effective VS: -, infantry (+3)
Ineffective VS: anti air defense, fighter aircraft
Armor: Light
Armament: none, Paradrop dummy weapon (+2 / Elite), Heli MG (+3)
Cost: 1000$ (for now, still needs balancing)
Produced by: Factory
Requires: Factory
Special: Can carry one vehicle, can paradrop vehicle (Elite)

The Lift Helicopter is an aerial crane that can lift one vehicle. It is unarmored, low-flying and slow and should therefore drop its load off enemy positions, rather than in the middle of them. The helicopter is useful in allowing forces to cross cliffs and waterways, but it is less useful for aerial assaults.

Just like the Soviet Mig and Yak, the Lift Helicopter does not need an airfield and can land anywhere on the map.

After having obtained the Tank Drop upgrade, the helicopter can obtain a further upgrade to be armed with an autocannon. The cannon is effective against infantry and light vehicles, but useless against buildings or other aircraft. Because it the cannon is installed in a turret at the underside of the helicopter, it cannot be fired as long as a vehicle is being transported. Ordering the helicopter to attack a target will automatically include dropping the carried vehicle prior to firing.

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Lift Helicopter (either Mi-10 or Mi-12)
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